Valentin Baumgartner was born on the 16.3.91 in Zurich. He studied the jazz guitar at HSLU Lucerne and completed his studies (jazz performance) in 2015. 
Valentin works as a musician, improviser, composer, lyricist and painter for many many different bands and in a lot of different styles/genres.
From gypsy music via reggae/dub to chansons, free improvisation, noise and hardcore punk. 
He is the mastermind of the two bands called "Extrafish" and "In Love Your Mother". 
You can find them and most of his other projects/bands below.
After living in a purple bubble he also composed the music for some Theater Jetzt-productions and "WasserLand" (premiere 8.8.2019).
































Extrafish (balkan-dada-dub, fake-ethno)


Valentin Baumgartner: Guitar, Leadvocals, Composition/Lyrics (+ Artwork, Booking)

Andi Bissig: Tenorsaxofon, Game

Jonas Künzli: Doublebass, Synthbass, Vocals

Adrian Böckli: Drums, Vocals

<Special Guest: Tome Iliev: Clarinet//Pascal Eugster: E-Bass>


Solo (pop)



Kadeemka (jazz, spacerock, free)


Valeria Zangger: Drums, Minisynth, Vocals

Hanspeter Pfammatter: Keys, Synthbass, Vocals, Composition

Valentin Baumgartner: E-Guitar, Vocals, Composition



In Love Your Mother (mathcore)



Valentin Baumgartner: E-Guitar, Vocals, Objects, Composition 

Amedeo Mauriello: E-Bass, Vocals, Composition

Andrea Tinner: Drums


Johnny & The Rocketboy (swing/chanson)


Valentin Baumgartner: Guitar, Vocals, Composition

Jonas Künzli: Doublebass, Vocals, Composition


Les Singes (gypsy-swing)



Theo Känzig: Guitar, Composition

Valentin Baumgartner: Guitar, Vocals, Composition

Jonas Künzli: Doublebass, Vocals




The Incredible Exploding Cat Experience (free)

Coming very very soon

Nic Jan Gross: Sax, Objects

Valentin Baumgartner: E-Guitar, EFX

Janic Haller: Drums


Five Pound Pocket Universe (jazzcore)



Andi Bissig: Sax, Samples

Valentin Baumgartner: E-Guitar

Michel Barengo: Drums, Composition


Vadane (gysy-swing, world)



Daniel Hildebrand: Harp, Vocals, Composition

Nehrun Aliev: Percussion, Clarinet, Vocals 

Valentin Baumgartner: Guitar, E-Bass, Vocals, Composition

The Sheiks (new orleans)


different line-ups. surprise surprise











Extrafish - Atlantis-Utopia-Fisch

Extrafish - Simplify This Fish 

Extrafish - EP (als Fischmaske + Downloadcode)

In Love Your Mother - The Greatest Hits

In Love Your Mother - Dada For Your Mada

In Love Your Mother - The Great Ape Project

In Love Your Mother - Killing Music

no picture..

In Love Your Mother - EP

sold out. no picture. very sorry.



Les Singes - Toute La Nuit

Kadeemka - More Than Meets The Eye





Valentin Baumgartner - Mange Les Riches Pas Les Animaux

Johnny & The Rocketboy - Hello My Friend

Vadane - Vadane


Vendredi Soir Swing - Dule Dule 

Vendredi Soir Swing - Like Art Of An Anyone

5PPU - Brain Bubble Party


5PPU - Five Pound Pocket Universe

sold out. no picture. 


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